We love helping our clients be their own designers. With their help and their own creative and unique style we are able to make their kitchen dreams into a reality.

Choose Keystone Kitchen and Bath for your Interior design

We typically like to finish our projects in about 6-8 weeks. This project took about 3 weeks more than expected. I wanted to show the reason why delays happen. All of our clients are walked though the process and are explained the reasons for the delays. In the end, the client was happy with their new kitchen and were appreciative of us wanting to deliver a job in a timely basis without wanting to rush and finish the job.

I often get asked this question. The truth is there are so many factors that will determine the overall cost of a kitchen. Not all Kitchen, homes and renovations are the same because not all clients are the same. We have to go into detail on your accomplishments for your home and establish a budget based on a few key factors.

Is it better to reface, paint or to replace kitchen cabinets? — We typically recommend to get a quote for both refacing and new cabinets. And then you can decide what’s best for you. We have often found that refacing is not the same as getting all new cabinets and can cost more problems in the long run. Refacing is not often cheaper than generally purchasing all new cabinets and if the cabinets are already old you won’t be able to salvage your countertops. You will have to purchase new counters

There are some differences between granite and quartz. One of the biggest differences is heat and maintenance. Some quartz companies recommended to not have anything on the counters that is hotter than 350 degree Fahrenheit. I like to suggest to not use more than 250 degree Fahrenheit, just to be safe.   You can check out for quartz that have more of a natural movement 

What this better a custom slab or a prefabricated counter-top? The truth is one is not better than the other. They both work great for a solid surface counter-top. The difference is how they are fabricated and what your budget allows.   For more information call us at (559) 981-2788