What is Granite?

 One of the most known counter tops used in home remodeling is granite. What is granite? How does it form? In this blog I will be giving a short history of granite. Granite is an igneous rock due to it being formed from magma. It is actually the oldest known igneous rock on earth. Granite is buried below kilometers of rocks that are necessary to produce enough energy to melt the rock. Granite is made up of feldspar, which is the white mineral grains seen in granite. It also contains amphiboles, mica, quartz, and multiple other minerals. Granite gets its various colors from the large quantities of minerals. It is an extremely strong rock. It is considered to be harder than gold, iron, steel, glass, silver and copper. Granite, however, is not considered to be harder than titanium, hardened steel and diamonds. Although granite is a very strong rock, it can crack and expand because of the pressure and heat it is placed under while forming. Granite can also crack and chip when a heavy item has been dropped on it. The granite that is used for counter tops is seen from the surface. We have different grades of granite when it comes to counter tops. Grade A is the cheaper granite. The cheaper the granite the easier it will be to crack. The lower the grade the better quality. A Grade D is more expensive then the Grade A and has a better quality because it comes deeper from the earth. Just a little more knowledge on what is going into your kitchen and baths.